Red Cherry 5

Hansu Ra is adopted to an American family when her mom dies. She can’t forget how her mother died and one day returns to Korea. She begins working under a pseudonym for an electronics company her mom used to manage. Hansu knows Choi Dal-geun, former vice president of the company, is guilty. She seduces Choi and gets him into a debt that pushes him to the brink. Then she seduces the manager and the director into fighting over her. What will the tragic but brave resolution be for these men and Hansu?

FMovies Review:

Red Cherry 5 – fantastic movie. category did not create a better movie and you can now watch for free on this website. Red Cherry 5 is a long movie, with the space and leisure to expand and explore its themes.

It is a movie that truly knows what it is and wastes not even a second in conveying what that is. I did not know anything about this movie before, I did not even see a trailer, but I enjoyed it very much in the first place. An movie highly valued for me.

You do not have to fall in love with a to enjoy this movie. I have not found Red Cherry 5 movie full elsewhere so I uploaded it here, now every single person can watch this movie online free.

Genre: Drama


Actors: ,


Duration: 104

Quality: 4K