Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy

A short film about the relationship between an Aboriginal daughter and her white mother. The daughter, now the sole carer of her dying mother, dreams of far away places, the haunted look in her eyes loaded with a sense of what could have been. Famous Aboriginal singer, Jimmy Little, sings ‘Royal Telephone’, evoking the presence of Christianity and its role in the assimilation of Aboriginal people. The final scene sees the daughter lying in a foetal position next to her mother, crying. Assimilation, then, can be understood as a pain experienced by both the Aboriginal daughter as well as the white mother.

FMovies Review:

Really fantastic movie, my favorite in category. The ‘best’ term is as you know from a relative term: You or I may not even be on the list of someone else whom we consider to be ‘the best’. So the general rule is to declare the majority of nations. Like the best, though, for me, it can be considered the most beautiful movie ever made. It’s really hard to distinguish the good from the good. Best of all, you need to find out what makes this important. Writing, directing, cinematography and taking into account the effect of taking into account.

The soundtrack of these movie is simple, decieving, full of mischief in its own right. Everytime I watch this movie online, I really enjoy the music, it is just pure soul of that movie. The amount of details and little aspects of the movie that you can find years and years later is absolutely awesome.

I’m not a true fan of drama, but I’m like that too! I chose to load this wonderful movie in FMovies now everyone can see this movie online for free.

Duration: 19

Quality: 4K


IMDb: 5.9