L’arbre et le soleil

This film is dedicated to Mas-Félipe Delavouët, the poet discovered by Lawrence Durrell, who wrote 14,000 verses in Provençal over a period of thirty years, and who died on November 18, 1990. “The sky, history and Mediterranean and Provençal myths are the inexhaustable wellspring of this man rooted down there, near Salon-de-Provence” (J.-D. Pollet). “Mas-Félipe Delavouët wrote five books in Provençal, 14,000 verses. A sort of “Odyssey”. Of myths. What is stunning in him is that he always talks of disappearances. Cities, works, men, writings, television, etc., everything has to disappear. In order to be reborn. No pain. A sort of hand-to-hand of man and nature. During the filming, I would simply throw out some words… For example, one time I said “creation” and he said: “creation doesn’t exist…, creation is before me…, I can only read creation”; this sentence describes Delavouët perfectly (J.-D. Pollet, 1989 and 1993).

FMovies Review:

L’arbre et le soleil – awesome movie from 1990 year. It is my favorite documentary movie because parts felt very similar to my life experience. It’s really hard to distinguish the good from the good. Best of all, you need to find out what makes this important. Writing, directing, cinematography and taking into account the effect of taking into account.

This is a few words of movie music: simple, deceptive, amazing, just right. The story is really solid, the pacing is great, and all of the actors give great performances. This movie online seriously is incredible. My favorite movie of this director, and that’s saying something!

…Damn, I need to watch these movie online again. It was so good! I chose to load this wonderful movie in FMovies now each person can watch this movie from here for free.

Duration: 73

Quality: 4K