Ladies, Misses

The story revolves around Dr. Mahmoud, who has a doctorate and earns less than the company’s courier, Dr. Mahmoud decides to work as a courier to raise his salary. Four female employees of the company decide to marry Dr. Mahmoud once to overcome the housing crisis and the various economic crises, Provided they remain in their hands, two of them release Dr. Mahmoud to marry two other people and live in the same apartment.

FMovies Review:

Amazing movie from 1990. It is my favorite comedy movie because parts felt very similar to my life experience. I was so emotionally destroyed that I saw the entire movie three times on the internet almost in one go.

I’m big fan of comedy movies. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a movie. The opening song still gives me goosebumps and increases the warmth of my body.

I’m not a true fan of comedy, but I’m like that too! There is no place like FMovies with free movie online so I uploaded this full movie here, so everyone now can see it online for free.

Duration: 113

Quality: 4K


IMDb: 6.8