Aliens Next Door

Transferred to a new job, the Peoples family arrive on the planet Bolognia. Feeling very insecure about the move, they become even more intimidated by the sight of their hosts who are green, spotted and have antennae! Their new Bolognian neighbors, Charlick and Mavo Zox, find the look of the Earth family just as shocking. However, when little Benny Peoples gets “lost”, he unwittingly brings the two families together and life on this new planet begins to look promising.

FMovies Review:

I’ve seen this whole movie again this year and this movie is really amazing. I don’t watch many movie online in science fiction genre, but this one was amazing. Aliens Next Door is a long movie, with the space and leisure to expand and explore its themes.

Easily movie with the best dialogues ever. I’ve been searching for more movie online like this since watching and researching it, vainly… The action, special effects, characters and score are all perfect to me.

…Damn, I need to watch these movie online again. It was so good! I just bought this movie on blu ray and decided to upload full movie Aliens Next Door here, now each person can watch this movie from here for free.

Duration: 30

Quality: 4K